A story of a person from Zero to Hero

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I am a performer (Mind-reader/Illusionist) for almost two decades. For the past five years, I am also teaching creativity using everyday objects for the students. Though there are many achievements people can see in me, I see very few heights I have reached according to my potential.

Here is the 2.0 version of mine.

A story of a person from Zero to Hero

Rakesh Syam is a well-known stage performer in the field of corporate entertainment. After performing a decade in the US and other 42 countries, he returns to the motherland eight years back.

He has come up with this own concept called Mindz & Thotz, which teaches creativity to the students studying from 6th to 12th grade. Though he has this talent with him, he couldn’t persuade because of not many digital skills necessary for modern entrepreneurs.

In the year 2020, he comes across Digital Deepak, a well-known author and digital trainer in the industry, and changed many people’s lives.

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Rakesh Syam’s real journey started right after he finished Deepak Kanakaraju’s internship program; his life has become ease from that time onwards.

This is 2023, and Rakesh Syam has achieved a lot more than what he accomplished in the past twenty years; his life has become skyrocketed because of the smart work he has learned from Digital Deepak and from the other people in the group.

He is going to various schools five days a week to teach creativity for the kids, and on the weekends, he is busy with his corporate shows. He wanted this in his life; he says his income is gone to 500% more than what he was earning in 2020. He is happy and spending more time with his family.

Apart from all of this, his online classes of teaching creativity with everyday objects are going well and giving him a passive income. He says that he couldn’t ask more, and at the same time, he never stopped coming up with some new ideas for his corporate shows and online teaching sessions.

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